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The Mating Run by Leeka

The Mating Run by Leeka
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The Mating Run by Leeka

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    Read The Mating Run by Leeka by Leeka. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here"The Mating Run" by Leeka delves deep into the raw and primal world of werewolf romance, where passion and desire collide in a whirlwind of ecstasy and agony. Alina and Zeek find themselves entangled in a forbidden affair amidst the chaos of tradition and expectation. As they succumb to the intoxicating pull of the mating bond, their bodies be vessels of pleasure, lost in the throes of passion. Alina's mind battles with conflicting sensations - the revulsion of their gritty surroundings and the overwhelming pleasure of Zeek's powerful thrusts. In the heat of the moment, pleasure outweighs reason, and Alina surrenders to Zeek's dominance. Hismanding presence ignites a primal need within her, driving her to seek more, to crave the intensity of their connection. Amidst the frenzy of their union, Alina and Zeek form an unbreakable bond, sealed with the exchange of blood and passion. Their bodies entwine, merging into one, as they give in to the primal instincts that govern their kind. As they emerge from the forest, bonded in body and soul, they face the reality of their union. Amidst the congratulations and well-wishes of their pack, Alina and Zeek embark on a journey filled with uncertainty and desire, bound together by the promise of a future filled with love and devotion. "The Mating Run" is a tale of forbidden love and primal desire, where passion knows no bounds, and the bonds of fate cannot be denied. Join Alina and Zeek as they navigate the tumultuous waters of werewolf romance, where every touch is electrifying and every kiss ignites a fire that burns brighter than the moonlit sky... Read The Mating Run by Leeka at

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