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Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T

Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T
128 Chapters
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Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T

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    Read Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T by Amy T. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereShackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T . Genre: Romance...Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T pdf free download In this scene, Angelica Hernandez urgently seeks help from Alekos Raptou, whom she knew from high school. Cherry, Alekos's assistant, initially insists on scheduling an appointment, but Angelica pleads for immediate assistance due to a life-threatening situation. After some hesitation, Cherry agrees to inform Alekos about Angelica's situation. Eventually, Alekos grants Angelica a five-minute audience. Inside Alekos's office, Angelica reveals her desperate situation—being forced into a dangerous marriage. She believes Alekos, a powerful and influential figure, can provide assistance or protection. Alekos, initially skeptical, questions why he should help her. Angelica emphasizes her urgency and desperation, leading Alekos to make a surprising decision. He instructs Cherry to cancel his next meeting, indicating his willingness to listen and potentially offer assistance to Angelica. The scene ends with Alekos asking Angelica to share all the details of her predicament... Read Shackled (The Lord Series) by Amy T .