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Immortal Supreme: Sovereign of the Grand Dao

Immortal Supreme: Sovereign of the Grand Dao
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Immortal Supreme: Sovereign of the Grand Dao

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    Summary “Master all 999,999 paths of the Grand Dao...Rule the Grand Heavenly Dao...And with the power of the Universe, Dominate all things...I am...”“THE IMMORTAL SUPREME!”---------In the Grand Multiverse, there are gems that existed before creation they were theols used for the creation of the multiverse.These gems held limitless power and no one had ever gotten a hold of all of them at once. The highest person has ever gotten possess was two of them.But Arthur managed get three of the most powerful gems in the universe, the Gem of Time, the Gem of Fate, and the Gem of Soul.With this, he enacted a plan that will make him the ruler of thensciousness that rules the Grand Multiverse...the Grand Dao.But he faced an attack he was not ready for and almost died...Years later, he returns from another reality with most of his memories lost and gets reincarnated i the cultivation world again, and this time with one extra gem, the Gem of Space.In this ry you will not witness world domination, no...you will bear witness something much grander. Something that has never occurred since the beginning of time.The grand ry of a man who wants bme the Sovereign of the Grand Multiverse.`````````[Alternate Synopsis]I woke upday with great expectations for my future. But something greater than my expectations happened instead. From almost getting killed in a re robbery, witnessing something that I would only see in fiction happen before my very eyes.And then getting transported another world, and suddenly finding out that the dreams I had of myself being a powerful cultivr like the main characters of the cultivation s I enjoy reading, were actually my past memories.... getting reincarnated after almost getting killed by the 999,999 souls that were clones of me?“Yeah, if I wasn't sure before, then I am now.”“I am definitely tripping!” You’re reading “Immortal Supreme: Sovereign of the Grand Dao” on See all Hide