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I Have A City In An Alternate World

I Have A City In An Alternate World
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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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    Summary Tang Zhen transmigrated an apocalyptic world, where humans struggled survive in various buildings that they built because the ground wasvered in lethal dangers that were invisible the naked eye. Tang Zhen transmigrated along with his mutated cell phone that was packed with miraculous applications.There were all kinds of cities – someuld fly in the sky, someuld submerge i the ocean while someuld bme invisible – and shocking secrets were hidden within them.The power of Tang Zhen’s city was…He established a city and quickly leveled up his army with speedingols. Then, he dominated this alternate world by seizing other cities.He sat at the veryp. Beneath his feet was a vast floating city guarded by dragons and surrounded by angels.untless cannons were also set up at variousrners of the city.A million miles ahead, in the depths of the ocean, there was another city as large as antinent awaiting hisnquest. You’re reading “I Have A City In An Alternate World” on See all Hide

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