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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

Please Permit Me To Love You Forever
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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

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    Summary Shenspires and provokes the most powerful young master in Beijing! They sign antract and with his every call, she has go anywhere and do anything his bidding. When theirntract ends, she smirks and said, “I’ll take the money and you can leave. We don’t owe each other anything.”He is Young Master Ya who rules Beijing. Hentrols the business empire during the day, and he is the strongest king at night. He isld and women are merely playthings him. With his power, the women he has eyes on have never been willing leave him, yet she is an exception. She loves money, like all the previous women, but she is never shy of showing her greed. And he never realizes that he will ever grow a heart for such a promiscuous and cheap woman…He points a gun straight at her heart. “Die with me, or accept my love—which one do you choose?” She pouts and turns around, before she pushes an adorable child i his arms. “Here, there’s your answer.” You’re reading “Please Permit Me Love You Forever” on See all Hide

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