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Loving the Forbidden Prince

Loving the Forbidden Prince
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Loving the Forbidden Prince

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    Summary MPLETE] Can a royal Romeo and Juliet find their happy ending?Ayleth, Princess of Zenithra, is secretly trained in hand-handmbat, andllects swear words she doesn't know how use. During the Festival of Peace, in which every royal son on thentinent will be at the castle for a month, she is instructed by her parents find a husband. Yet, Ayleth has never even been kissed—until the very first ball, when she meets the man in the Lion mask.Etan is a seasoned warrior, and the Prince of Summitras. He attends the Festival hoping find a powerful wife who will help himnquer the dark sorcery of their bloodsworn enemies, the Kingdom of Zenithra. But at the very first ball, he divers the masked woman who captures his heart is the Heir the evil empire.Ayleth and Etan face an impossible battle. Will their love survive? Or will their parents' dark dealings keep them apart forever?[Maturentent. No sexual violence.]******“You…” She stepped back. Then back again, her mouth dropped open. “You… You cannot be…”“I am,” Etan said, and his hair raked back as he pushed his mask off his handsome face. So handsome her heart raced.His hair was ebony black, his skin a warm brown that threatened fade in in the winter months. He stared at her with glittering green eyes, over high cheekbones and a noble nose, his jaw tight and shadowed this late in the day. His chin was high over the pillar of his neck that she’d justuched with its hard lines and steel strength, so different her own. And his chest... She gasped andvered her eyes. She’d humiliated herself revealing her stupid, childish curiosity.“No, Ayleth. This changes nothing.”“How can you say that? It changes everything!” She was horrified realize she was crying.“Ayleth, please.” His voice cracked on the plea and she stared at him, shoving her mask up and off, despite how it would pull her hair out of the beautiful twist the maid had managed for her.His eyes locked on hers and sheuldn’t think. Sheuldn’t breathe.She had met her One. And he was the son of her bloodsworn enemy.She stared at him as he stepped forward again, offering both hands, palm up. uch me,” he whispered. “Hold my hands. This is real, Ayleth. I don’t know how it happened, but this is real. Please don’t deny it.”Sheuldn’t resist. She raised a trembling hand his cheek, letting her palm catch on the scruff of his jaw. He blew out a breath and put his hand over hers, and that jolt that happened whenever theyuched shivered through her again.“Please, Ayleth.”“I cannot deny it,” she whispered. You’re reading “Loving the Forbidden Prince” on See all Hide